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Massey: Try Try Again

massey-bylineWell Guys... We did it.

In my last blog, which was my first blog in 4 months, I discussed my failures during this Summer's World Series of Poker. I highlighted the aspect of having "emotional control" while dealing with downswings, and the resilience necessary to keep competing at the highest level. I discussed my perspective on the importance of learning through failure, identifying the value gained, and continuing the uphill battle as a more prepared, improved warrior.

Perhaps I was having a moment of clarity the day I wrote that blog, but I did make a lot of sense. I had noticed a huge progression in the way I was handling everything. I felt more like a "grizzled veteran" in the game. I could feel myself gaining that grasp on my emotions, which has been the biggest leak in my game for some time. I also knew that a had a lot of work to do to improve in this particular area, so I made it the focus of my thoughts. I was on my way to Biloxi to play the WSOPC series... and that is where we left off.

During the Biloxi series I played very well and, more or less, laughed off each of my bust outs. This was obviously a very good sign. Throughout the week I played a lot with John Dolan and hung out with him away from the table. I learned a lot about a lot, lets just say that. In the $1125 event I played great... near perfect. I steam rolled everyone the entire day and made the final table of 9 with 40% of the chips in play. We came back the next day and I did just the opposite. I made 2 marginal mistakes, both times doubling up the short stack. I had a slipped a little but didn't lose that many chips, and was still in 2nd place. The old man who had just busted a player doubled his stack and had me barely covered, although we were both head and shoulders above the other players remaining. 4 hands later I got it all in pre flop against this guy with KK to his AA and was busted in 6th place. I made like $5K, but 1st place was $30k. Bad luck right? No. My marginal mistakes cost me the ability to have him covered and as a result I had no chips to fight back with. The way I see it, I had cost myself $25k. I was upset with myself but was aware of the errors I had made and identified them.

Also, read Aaron's interview with Cardplayer magazine: 

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This Saturday - TradeWinds Tournament at Majestic Star Casino

Trade-Winds-2012This coming Saturday, September 22, 2012, the Majestic Star Casino will be the venue for "All in for Children with Special Needs – Texas Hold 'em Tournament & Charity Gaming Night to Benefit TradeWinds".  TradeWinds Services is a Gary, Indiana-based charity "dedicated to providing support services and training designed to promote individual choice, growth and self-sufficiency for people of all ages and abilities."

Trade-Winds-Prizes.jpgSaturday night's event will be hosted by the Executive Producer of Windy City Poker Championship, Kirk Fallah, and myself, WCPC Host, Jason Finn.  Past events have featured such celebrities as former Chicago Bulls Dickey Simpkins and Cliff Levingston, the Chicago Bears' Big Kat Williams, and Millionaire Matchmaker Jimmy D'Ambrosio.

The event starts at 6pm sharp.  Entry is $100, with $25 unlimited rebuys for the first hour.  There is a one-time $40 add-on at the break for an additional 2500 chips, matching the starting stack size. The structure sheet can be found here.

The Chicago Poker Club is giving away two seats to Saturday's event - the first winner will be announced Thursday morning, and the second on Friday morning via Twitter and on our Facebook fan page.  Details for winning a seat are below, after the break.



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Welcome to the New Chicago Poker Club

Chicago Poker Club 3.0 has arrived.

Welcome to the party. Many of our positive changes are behind the scenes, but please stop and enjoy our new look and feel.  Our Poker Events and Tournament Calendar are enhanced, and continuing to improve, with an emphasis on where you can play poker today, tomorrow, or this week.  Forgive our dust as we continue to clean out the bugs and cobwebs, and please let us know via our forums, or through our contact form, if you find something that needs help.

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While you're at it, register (if you've never registered on our site before), and drop us a line in our forum.  Watch an archived episode of Windy City Poker Championship

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Massey: Emotional Control 50 Dimes Down

Massey Poker Emotional ControlWhat’s up World,

I know I know… I haven’t written a blog in like 4 months. In my defense, I don’t have a laptop anymore because it fizzled out in Miami, and I have no need for a new one until I start playing online again. Also, I played a tournament almost every day this summer and had absolutely no desire to spend time writing after each long unrewarding day. Call it being lazy; I’ll just call it being honest. Here’s what I’ve been up to since my last blog.

I finished out the WSOP Circuit in St. Louis and New Orleans. With 6th place and 15th place finishes in tourneys (respectively), I earned enough points to qualify for the WSOP National Championship. I drove straight to Las Vegas with Jake Bazeley and Kurt Jewell in Baze’s car. I slept the first 12 hrs of the drive because I was still up from the night before. If you were at Baze’s house or have heard a story from a 3rd party then you know the reason(s) why I didn’t go to bed that night. New Orleans was a really good time lol. We got to Vegas and Kurt got us a room at Cosmopolitan that first week before we started the long summer grind. Needless to say we partied pretty hard. It was then time to go to work; I had a full schedule of WSOP bracelet events and Venetian tourneys to play over the next 2 months. I was as prepared for poker as I have ever been. At the top of my game, excited, confident and ready to breakout, I was eagerly awaiting the reward for all the hard work I had been putting in these last few years. And so it came…

2 months. Zero cashes in bracelet events. One single cash in a Venetian (17th) for $2795. Zero cashes in Rio Deepstacks; and I didn’t play a single hand of cash. What does this amount to? Yep, you guessed it… a $40,000 downswing. This was definitely not what I had in mind. Although my confidence never wavered, I was incredibly frustrated with what had transpired up to that point. I definitely hadn’t played perfect. I can think of 4 huge mistakes that may have/did cost me my tournament life. I also know there were several minor mistakes along the way that may have contributed to the end results. However, all in all, I played good/great poker the entire summer. I would honestly give myself an A- overall, maaaaaybe a B+. Regardless, I definitely played well enough to produce a better result that I did. That’s variance.

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