Banco Casino Prague - Mini Trip Report

This article was originally posted on Chicago Poker Club on September 11, 2008.
After a great day of sightseeing in the gorgeous city that is Prague, and a nice dinner with Mrs. Chicago and her colleagues, I headed to the Banco Casino on Na Příkopě in Prague, Czech Republic.
The casino consists of two small floors, as do many of the so-termed "casinos" in Prague. The first floor is about 20 slot machines, and a staircase up to the second floor. Upstairs there's a registration desk and three sub-divided rooms. One room contains two black jack tables, a couple roulette wheels, two "stud poker" (a house game) tables, and some assorted machines and chairs, etc. The second room is the "player buffet", which consists of a few hot plates of unidentifiable Asian fare, surrounded exclusively by Asian players. The third room features some additional slots, and automated roulette wheel/interface, a bar with room for 4 or 5 bar stools (but no actual stools), a Wheel of Fortune, and three poker tables.
The three tables were in use the prior night when I stopped in during a 1000 Kr ($60) re-buy tournament. This night there was one table in play, a 9-seater, with no open seats and at least 4 smokers smoking at the table. It was a NLHE table with 25Kr/50Kr blinds (~$1.50/$3) and a 2000Kr min and 10,000Kr max buy-in.
After about a 30 minute wait, I got a seat and bought in for 4000 Kr. The play was fairly loose-weak. Three or four action players did almost all the raising pre-flop and typically one or more of their counterparts called a raise, in or out of position. I took advantage of the loose play by raising up a couple hands preflop and c-betting with little fight.
I built my stack to about 9,500 when the following hand occurred. I had Ac2c in the small blind and the action limped around to me, I completed and the big blind checked. There were 7 of us and 450 in the pot. The flop came As4c5c - gin! I had top pair, nut flush draw, gutshot straight draw, and a straight flush draw.
I led 250 into the pot to see what action would ensue. I got a fold, a call from a super loose-weak player, a call from a super loose aggressive player, and several folds to the cutoff (also super LAGgy) who popped it to 1250. I decided that I was a favorite against just about any hand head's up, and that the two calls behind me meant virtually nothing. Moreover, they didn't even represent flush draws, meaning that most of my spades could be live. I decided to three-bet, giving me some fold equity and trapping the limpers in between. I didn't really expect the re-raiser to fold what must be a temporarily stronger hand, but it was certainly possible.
I put 4000 on top, effectively demonstrating that I was all-in. It folded back to the raiser who paused and said "I have to go with this". He shoved and I called. He showed 4h5d. Bottom two. Wow! This was best case scenario. I had 17 outs on the turn, and assuming neither of us improved, 20 on the river. I was almost a 3-2 favorite with 25,000 Kr in the pot. Of course, I did not improve, and my opponent raked in a tremendous pot, sure to reak havoc on the rest of the table for hours to come.
After just a couple hours and no strong hands to speak of, I headed out... walking down Na Příkopě and through Wenceslas Square back to my hotel. Perhaps we'll pay the place another visit tonight.
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