Tournament Structures

$1/$2 Hold'em/ $2/$5 Hold'em Cash games - $50 to $300/$200 to $2,000 @ 12p ($3 MAX RAKE) $3,000 High Hand/Drawing slips awarded every hour - 1 entry per player per hour, 5 entries per high hand winner per hour. Drawing for $3,000 seat is Feb 25th. Winner MUST be in attendance to claim non transferable $3,000 seat.

Sunday March 5th - $100+$10 LADIES ONLY EVENT - $50+$10 re-buys - $20 add-on

SUNDAY MARCH 5TH $3,000+$30 bonus TELEVISED CHAMPIONSHIP w $1,000+$30 re-buys

$125+$10 optional bonus Round #1 - $3,000 championship event qualifier Feb 4th @ 6p - $50+$10 rebuys & $10/$20 end of RB AO

March 4th, 12p Last Chance Qualifier - $350+$15 optional bonus $300+$15 optional bonus - $3,000 championship event qualifier March 4th@ 12p - $150+$15 rebuys & $30 end of RB AO - Structure same as Feb 25th qualifier

12p** $65 + $10 optional bonus Deep Stack - 30,000 chip - 20/15 min blinds - Best Value in Chicago, $25+$5 OPT BONUS RE-BUY FIRST 8 LEVELS/$10 ADD-ON END OF RE-BUY FOR 15K CHIPS - $1,350 to the winner & $2,500 guaranteed prize pool with min 35 player entries. 1st place includes a $350 qualifier seat - BAD BEAT ELIGIBLE

630p/7p ** $50+$10 optional bonus Windy City Poker League Events (every Saturday) BAD BEAT ELIGIBLE

Additional tournaments that will be offered every so often

4pm *** $250+$15 optional bonus Deep Stack - 30k chips - $125+$15 optional bonus re-buy option (Monthly event w 20-25 players each event) BAD BEAT ELIGIBLE

430p/5p* $0+$10 Optional Bonus $375 Mulligan Free-Roll w $10 RB/AO -  See TD for details

* $5 optional table bonus available  - ** $10 optional table bonus available *** $15 optional table bonus available ****$30 optional table bonus available- ***All tournaments are subject to change or cancellation at anytime. All payouts adhere to the Illinois Charitable Games Act.



Players can reserve their seat for the cash game by doing a $20 donation to the host charity. Otherwise players can get seats by being the first ones to register and fill out the release forms for participation. Cash game players will have a $10 deposit which will go towards the RFID playing cards. $1 will go towards insurance in case the player accidentally breaks the cards. The player will not be responsible for payment for a new set if they opt into the insurance. Players must opt in to participate in the RFID table. When the player is finished playing they will get $9 back for their deposit.