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Friday July 28th @ Jenny's 10160 191st Street Mokena is a $3,000 Winner TAKE ALL Free-Roll open to anyone to participate in. Players MUST pre-register to guarantee participation in this event. Pending space there will be alternates.

This is a FREE event for Windy City Poker Championship Players
There will be no side tournaments or T Cash Games. Players only need to bring money for food and drinks which will give bonus chips for the 130p Free-Roll.


2p - Tournament Players only FREE-ROLL - 6k Starting Stack before food bonus.
Starting stack based on bonus chips earned during July or donations made to host charities.
5p - Cash Game Players only FREE-ROLL - 35k Starting Stack (No Food Bonus)
Starting stack based on bonus chips earned during July or donations made to host charities.

Players who did not participate during July in any events are eligible to play as alternates with 500 in tournament chips max. You can only play one event.

130p - $0 Tournament Players FREE-ROLL - Max Starting Stack 6,000 chips - Top 6 will advance to 5p Free-Roll. Tournament will be turbo format with NO BONUS- RE-BUY - OR ADD-ONS. Players MUST pre-register to guarantee participation. Players who were not awarded bonus chips for this event and or do not pre-register may still participate with a starting stack of 500 but as alternates.

Top 6 will advance with the chip average of those already in the 5p MTT FR. Additional chips awarded for player referral and or donations to host charities 200 per option. Any questions feel free to let me know! YOU MUST PRE REGISTER for the 2p MTT FR to be guaranteed a seat as it will be limited that day. Non tournament players get 500 chips to start maximum and will enter the tournament as alternates when seats become available. Players who order food or drink will receive 200 chips for every $1 spent at host location, Max bonus on top of the 6k max starting stack is 2,000 more chips or ($10 in food). Players who do not have the maximum 6k starting stack but HAVE participated in events during July may make a donation to shady oaks camp to reach 6,000 in chips. This is completely optional and not required and will know effect the ability to advance to the next round. Players who have not participated in July or pre-registered for this event are not eligible for the additional bonus chips for food or donation. Non tournament players get 500 chips to start maximum and will enter the tournament as alternates when seats become available.


5p- The winner of this FREE MTT will received a non transferable or redeemable $3,000 championship seat for July 30th @ noon @ Jenny's steakhouse in Mokena as part of the Shady Oaks Camp charity poker event. If player can not participate on July 30th you are asked not to participate in this FREE event.

Players who participate in $1/$2 NL Holdem T Cash games on July 1, 8, 9, 15, and 22nd in the Windy City Poker Championship events will receive 500 tournament chips for every 1 hour they play in the cash game. The cash games which have a $4 max rake will have a promo $1 allocated from each hand which will go to pay for the $3,000 seat. We will NOT collect enough for the $3,000 seat in those events and most likely will only collect $1,000 or so but the seat is still guaranteed.

The $3,000 Free-Roll will start approx 5pm and will have a good structure of 20/15 min blinds similar to the 12p MTT's. If a player participates in EVERY cash game the max expected starting stack is 30,000 and will be capped at 35,000. Structure will be determined after the July 22nd event to allow for a 4-5 hour length for the MTT.

Players will start with various amounts of chip starting stacks. Since this is a FREE event to participate in and not a charitable gaming event there is no re-entry or bonus end of re-buy add-on for more chips.

Players who also donate to host charities on July 1, 8, 9, 15, 22nd and 28th can receive additional chips (Example a $20 donation for 4,000 chips). This is 100% optional and not required and does not effect your ability to win the $3,000 seat. $1 equals 200 tournament chips. Max starting stack 35,000 chips. Chips can NOT be transferred to another player.

If you are the winner of this event who also has $350 qualifier seats you will be required to sell or transfer your seats to another player for the July 29th or 30th Qualifiers.

Non cash game participants can also participate in this event with a max starting stack of 500 chips and will be an alternate when a seat become available.

Some players may be promotional seats awarded by host charities to individuals who are sponsors, donate their time or services, donate items of value or equipment, or provide security and a host location. This is at the discretion of the host charity. Speak with tournament director for details.

No chops or deals will be made for the seat at the end. The tournament MUST have a winner. Players are asked to respect the request of the hosts and play poker till there is a winner!

ANY QUESTIONS? Call 708-935-2861 for details or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.