Massey - Variance and Run Bad - 30 Days in the Hole

Aaron Massey1st blog of the new year…. Unfortunately I have nothing good to report. I wrapped up 2011 with a blog that featured my highlights from the year and my passion for the game. I talked about the things I wanted to accomplish this year, listed specific goals, and even made promises to work hard and win. Fueled with optimism, I was eager to get back to the table and start the year right. I was ready to play a tourney everyday and crush it just like I did in 2011. I knew I was gonna get off to a fast start.

(Clears Throat)

Not so much. I went to LA and played the WSOPC at the Bike. I think I played 11 events; I came within 10 places of the money 6 of those times and did not cash once. I got 20th place in the $1080 event that paid 18, after losing AK to A8 on what was basically the stone bubble, and having the guy fist pump in my face after binking a lucky 8. I also bricked the Main Event twice. It was really hard to deal with bc I knew I was playing well and doing everything in my power (which isn’t much in poker in the short term) to win. I put myself in a position to go deep several times but the deck never cooperated with me. It was arguably the worst I have ever run in a 2 week span. Me and my friend Eli rented a car (Mustang convertible- Omar if you are reading this…) and stayed at White Brian’s condo in Venice Beach for a few days. Then we flew to Atlantic City for the Borgota Winter Open, so I could get back to winning. I knew my days of running bad were over.

Not so much. Another 11 tournaments, another 5 finishes within 10 places of the money, which included a stone bubble in the $1090 event (sound familiar?). I went out in 28th place when my KK lost to AA on the bubble while play was hand for hand, in a hand that took 7 minutes bc the third guy in the hand eventually folded QQ, with the entire tournament surrounding our table to see if they will make the money or not, add another 30-40 spectators and the fact we all had stacks, it equals one of the most tilting bustouts I have ever gone thru. I shook his hand and said good game then walked away to let the other 27 players enjoy their money in peace. The one positive thing was that none of the players celebrated when I busted and none of the spectators on the rail made any noise either, out of respect for me as a player. Usually all these mops cheer, hoot and holler when the money bubble bursts. Not this time though, so I appreciated that, but it still really stung. I kept fighting and playing well the subsequent days but was rudely met by a couple of 3 outers, a rivered straight, and half a dozen lost coin flips in a row. Oh wait, I did miss a nut flush draw in the 2k bounty tourney so that one is on me. I played day 1A of the Main Event today. A $3500 which is over 4x my average buyin, I really needed to do well…but, I got it in KK vs AA, 15 minutes into the tournament to bust. I have been beating myself up all day bc I know I should have folded. I am really hard on myself though, it is kings to aces after all so whatever. Still, it’s just demoralizing.

Massey: 2011 - The Year of My Life

Aaron MasseyThis is Aaron @nevermissmassey Massey's last blog post of 2011.  Thank you, Aaron, for sharing your journey with us this year.  - editor

Wow…. What a wild ride that was.  

I’m sitting here, looking back on the last 12 months and I’ve got to tell you, I’ve come a long way.  This time last year I spent every single day sitting in my apartment, at my desk, with my computer and my 2 monitors, playing 10 tables at once for 12 hours a day.  I would wake up around noon and go to the gym, get home at 2:30pm, order food for the entire day, and play online until like 3am.  I was working my ass off when online was around and was 100% dedicated to learning, winning and working as hard as possible.  I watched players who I knew were better than me and it motivated me to catch up to them.  It was during this period that I took my game to the next level.  I played so many hands and discussed poker relentlessly.  I also had the privilege of having an unbelievable mentor.  

During the period where I played online every day, I was able to watch, play and discuss poker with Kevin “Bel0wab0ve” Saul for hundreds of hours.  He is among the greatest online poker players of all time and he took me under his wing.  I have always been a live player, I’ve been playing in casinos since I was 19.  I would drive to Indiana twice a day with Ralph’s ID to go play.  However, it was the online fundamentals that brought my game to where it is today.  To be honest, I wish I had started playing online 5 years ago.  If I had, who knows where I would be right now.  

Anyways, something pretty crazy happened… Online poker in the US got all screwed up.  And guess what?  It was time to play live again. This ended up being great for me because it forced everyone to have to play me in my arena, where I thrive.   Live poker is what I was meant to do; I honestly know and believe that it is my calling in life.  It’s kind of exhausting to explain but if you know me or have seen me play, then you know what I mean.

With live poker comes a lot of travel, and I have been to quite a few places this year.  It started with Tunica, St. Louis, and New Orleans.  I took a train cross country with my close friends to Vegas for the World Series.  We stopped at a few places along the way including the Grand Canyon. We hiked all the way to the bottom of the Canyon, slept there overnight, and climbed out.  When we got to Vegas we stayed at the Golden Nugget on Fremont Street in old Vegas for a week.  Then I moved over and stayed at the Gold Coast, next to the Rio where the World Series is held.  I lived there for over 6 weeks.  During that summer a lot of crazy shit happened and I had a lot of experiences.  I took part in some of the best partying I’ve ever been around in my life.  Cabanas, clubs, bottles and bullshit...  All of it.  I never really spent money at any of them either. 

East Coast Swing and a Break

Aaron MasseyI'm laying on my couch after a long weekend, and this place is a mess. Ralph is passed out on the other side of the couch with his mouth open and his right hand down his pants (standard). I swear he plays with it in his sleep. The last 3 days/nights have been a blur. Everyone came home for Thanksgiving and all my friends were able to reunite this weekend. In typical fashion, and without divulging too much, it was a shit show. When u put all of us animals together, AND we all haven’t seen each other in a long time, it makes for some laughable nights and some big boy stories. Anyways, it was short lived. I was in Atlantic City for a few weeks and am now heading back to AC tomorrow for more poker tournaments. My last trip there was a good one.

I had taken a full 2 weeks off from poker when I rolled into AC on Nov. 8th. I was fresh and was ready to play. The 1st event was a $450 reentry tourney where u can rebuy as many times as u want during the earlier stages if you bust out. This makes for a huge prizepool bc many players are in for more than 1 buyin. There were around 1000 players in this tourney and I was making a deep run. At one point during this tournament I pulled off the most ridiculous bluff for most of my chips, with 4 of my friends standing behind me AND having seen my cards. Throughout the hand I was telling my opponent that I was bluffing him, that I was only playing this hand bc my friends were watching, and that I am going to try and impress them by bluffing him in this hand. I was also acting a fool, use every false tell I had in my arsenal to throw this guy off and make him fold. Long story very short, I get this guy to fold the 2nd nuts FACE UP while saying, if your acting like you are bluffing that much u must have it, you’ve got to have it… here I fold, throwing away a King High Club Flush. My friends erupt and beg me to show….. so I turn over something like 35 offsuit, stare at this man who just made the worse fold ever, and laugh at him in the most annoying way ever… yep yep yep yep yep yep! He turns bright red and looks like his head was going to explode. I mean, how does this guy not call me… ME. I never have it. Idiot. Oh well, I end up cashing the tourney and getting something like 55th place for roughly 3x my buyin.{jcomments on}

Massey's Back

Aaron MasseyAaaaaand Im back.  This is my first blog since leaving Las Vegas and World Series of Poker back in July.  During the summer I shared my Vegas experience with you and was very pleased to hear that people actually enjoyed reading about it.  When I left I figured I'd stop blogging cuz nobody wants to really hear about my everyday life in Chicago.  I mean, that would bore the reader and I could have ended up possibly losing the following that I had built up back in summer.  I promised that I would blog from time to time as I travel and play but Ive been slackin hard.  I haven’t been blogging for a number of reasons, 1) Im lazy 2) I never bring my laptop with me anywhere and I have been traveling a lot 3) Lazy as hell 4) My computer is a piece of shit from 2007 5) Im the slowest typer, it takes me 2 hrs to write 1 page… u get it.  Anyways, a lot happened between now and then.

I got home from Vegas in mid July.  Fresh off my first WSOP final table I felt great, coming home with my head held high.  Over the next 3 weeks I played cash games and went out a lot.  I won 6 out of 7 sessions for around $7000 over this span.  The next move was Lawrenceburg, IN and the Indiana State Poker Championships.

I took a greyhound down there and got picked up by my friend Kurt.  We were staying  at his brother’s house near Cincinnati so I didn’t have to spend loot on hotel.  The first tournament was a big one.  There were almost 1700 entrants into Event #1 and I won the tournament.  My first ever 1st place and it felt so great.  It was especially sweet considering I took the worst beat of my life 1 month earlier when I got knocked out in 8th place at the WSOP, ending my shot at half a million dollars.  The tourney ended after 3am on day 2.  It was 6am after taking the picture, getting paid out and filling out all the forms and stuff.  They comped me a room for the night so that  it would be convenient for me to play the tournament the following day at noon.  I didn’t sleep while in the room.  After deep tournament runs like that it is hard to turn your mind off.  You have been making so many difficult and complex decisions that your brain is in constant evaluation of every important hand.  In addition I was getting a lot of texts and tweets that morning so I didn’t sleep at all.  I played the tourney at noon.   At 2am we were down to around 50 players and done for the day.  I beasted thru the day on no sleep.  The next we resume and I end up getting 5thplace.  The next 2 tourneys I played I cashed in getting 21st and 14th.  I busted the main event and it was time to get out of there.  I cashed in 4 straight and won the big one.  Basically I made Lawrenceburg my… well u know.

Final Table