Massey #8 - The Road to Perdition or Paradise?

Aaron MasseyThis will be my last blog before my last blog. This one is going to be like the forgotten and overlooked middle child. An uneventful story that is sandwiched in between my last tale, where I final tabled the WSOP 1K, and my next tale where I final table the WSOP Main Event (I Hope..) I have played a few tourneys since my 8th place finish last week. 4 tourneys to be exact, and I haven’t gotten much going in any of them:

Venetian 560

I skipped the Venetian 1600 the day before because I needed a day off after my deep run, so I ended up playing this instead. And guess what guys??? I got Kings cracked of course. I had successfully made two squeeze plays within the first 2 levels. I did it a third time and one of my opponents was fed up. He went all in, but I finally had a hand, the KK! I had it setup perfectly. I call and he flips over AQ. He flops an Ace and eliminates your boy from the tourney. Meh.


I come in trying to defend my final table finish in the previous 1K event. I play terrible and semi-bluff my entire stack off in 2 hands. This tournament was simply a waste of $1000 in my opinion.

Venetian 350

LOLOLOLOL! I couldn’t even take this one seriously. Something interesting did actually happen though… I GOT KINGS CRACKED. Some moron tried a huge pre flop squeeze with 57 of diamonds, I had KK (of course) and basically min raised him to isolate. He calls and flops 2 pair, I go broke. I have now had Kings cracked like 836278462475 times this summer.

WSOP 1500

I am fully rested up for this one, and why shouldn’t I be. I have a long day ahead of me and 600K to win; probably not though. Roughly 45 minutes into the tournament I lose 90% of my chips. I have 33 on the button and call my opponents raise pre flop. The flop is QJ3, a dream flop for me…. A dream flop if my opponent didn’t have QQ. I have been coolered set over set and am left with 625 chips. I lose a race 5 minutes later to bust.

I only have 1 more tournament left to play. I begin playing the WSOP Main Event on Friday. I am seated in the Amazon room which is nice. In the last 2 days I have re-introduced myself to Norman Chad, the TV announcer for WSOP, and Nolan Dalla, the WSOP Media Director and Writer, in an attempt to keep myself on their radar. These are the guys who get players TV, internet, and media coverage. I plan on staying on their good side. Nolan Dalla told me that I would be guaranteed to get ESPN TV time if I wear my Snuggie from last year’s Main Event. I’m not going to do it though; it’s just not the look I’m going for right now. I will be letting my play and my personality do the talking this year. As far as my wardrobe goes, I’m gonna wear the same outfit I wore to the final table of the1K; my maroon leather jacket and white V-neck t shirt. I went to Walmart and bought a new 5 pack of fresh Hanes V necks. I will wear a new one every day if I survive. If I make it to day 6 I will go back to Walmart and buy a 3 pack of the very same shirts. If I wear all 3 of these I will have made it to the Final Table of the Main Event. Once I make it there, I will demand a sponsorship contract with Hanes, and a commercial with Michael Jordan. Ok not really but I will definitely inquire about it.

I am ready to play. I have been waiting for another shot at this tournament for a whole year and the time is here. This is the tournament that turns nobodies into overnight superstars. Now I may not be a nobody, but I would love to be a superstar, so I will not waste this opportunity. Make or break time people… I have to play like a champion, I have to remove my ego from my poker decisions, and I have to seize this opportunity that few people get the chance to experience. Oh ya, almost forgot… I will also HAVE to run good. No worries though, If I play like a wizard and run like Forrest Gump I am sure to make a deep run. I believe in myself and believe in my destiny. I must deliver for my friends and family. I must deliver for myself. Pray for me people.{jcomments on}