SkypeBok - An Interview with Joe Sebok about the UB scandal

Joe Sebok Approximately one year after Joe Sebok joined Ultimate Bet as a sponsored pro and operations and media consultant, our own Mr. F sits down with him to discuss what progress has been made since then on his efforts to bring some transparency to exactly what went on behind the scenes at UB during the cheating scandal that rocked online poker.

Joe shared some insights on his first year as a UB sponsored Pro, the list of users accused in the scandal, the players impacted by the cheating players, UB's prospects for becoming a licensed and regulated online room in the US, how his decision impacted his relationship with his father Barry Greenstein, what's next, and much much more.

I don't know what else I can do, personally... I would love to round these people up, have an actual investigation, try them, and, you know, those that are convicted, sentence them to prison... I mean they ruined people's lives... they stole upwards of $20 Million... so, If I could do that, I would do it.

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