Entry Fee: $20.00 per person

Number Of Players: No less than 6 per table no more than 8 per table
Buy-in & Bets: Players get $100 in $5 non cash value gaming chips to start. Bets must be in $5 increments. Minimum bet is $5. (Must make at least a minimum Bet). An additional $5 at the table bonus gives players an additional $50 non cash value gaming chips for a total of $150 in non cash value chips.
Prizes: Based on 50 participants, total prizes will be worth at or near $750.*

Individual Pay-outs: If 1 Table, 2 winners will split prizes; if 2-3 Tables, 3 winners will split prizes; if 4 Tables 5 winners will split prizes, if 5 Tables or more 6 players will split prizes.

Format: Everyone gets a card before we start; seat positions are determined by high cards picking the seat they want and descending from there.

Single deck shuffle after each hand – cut – no burying a card

Play is always clockwise starting on the dealer’s left and ending with the dealer. All cards will be dealt face up with the exception of the dealer’s “hole” card and “double down” cards.

Betting will rotate, in clockwise order starting from the dealer button which will rotate after each completed hand, once the button declares their bet first, everyone then has an equal chance to bet in in order. The button or marker will keep track of who bets first. This button will start in the 1 seat.

We only have one table scheduled for blackjack meaning each bracket of 6 players will take turns.

If only 1 registered table of 6-8 players, we will deal 14 hands. At the end of 14 hands, the player with the most money will receive 60% of the pot. The player with the second most money will receive 40% of the pot.

If we have 9 to 12 registered players then we will have two tables balanced as properly as possible. We will deal 14 hands at each table. At the end of 14 hands the top 2 players from each table will automatically advance to the final round. The (2) remaining seats left at the championship table will go to the players who did not automatically advance but have the highest number of chips remaining.

At the championship final table we will deal 14 hands to those 6 remaining players. The player with the most money at the end of the 14 hands will receive 50% of the pot, the player with the second most chips will receive 30% of the pot, the player with the third most chips will receive 20% of the pot.

The split for these players depends upon how many tables we have, and payout per above.

In the event of a tie for any position or seat at the championship final, we will deal another hand where both players make equal bets and will keep dealing until they have different amounts. If one player doubles down or splits and ends with more, that resolves the tie.

If we have more players than tables, we will continue running the first round until everyone plays.

Tournament Rules

  1. Players can double on ANY 2 cards; the “double down” card will be dealt face down.
  2. Blackjack pays 2 to 1.
  3. There will be NO INSURANCE.
  4. Surrender not be allowed.
  5. Players may split cards as often as they choose. Split aces get only one card, no Black Jack payout. All other splits are played out one hand at a time.
  6. Players can double down on split cards.
  7. Partial doubling is not allowed.
  8. Dealer must hit soft 17.
  9. No re-buys will be allowed,
  10. We will try to run more tournaments, time permitting.

* Cash and prizes will be distributed per the rules of the Illinois Charitable Games Act