$2,000 Main Event Description

Every year the Windy City Poker Championship’s Main Event gets bigger and better. This year we are looking to be very ambitious and host a $2,000 MEGA SUPER Deep Stacked 2-Day Main Event. This event will give players a 40,000 chips starting stack and feature 45 minute blinds on Day #1 and 50 minute blinds on Day #2. The structure sheet (below) has basically every step you can think of for a quality main event.

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As of 4-14-2013 here are some of the notable names who have pre registered and locked up their seats to the main event!


Michael Sabbia

Dave McDermott Jr.

Andre Pierre

Dave McDermott Sr.

Nick Jivkov

David Baldwin

Tony Kroll

Ryan Leng

James Snyder

Our goal is to have a fun, valuable, low key, and friendly main event that will continue to grow every event. This event will not have a televised final table, but we will have extensive televised coverage of the event and feature that footage and its players on our televised broadcasts.

To be able to staff and manage this event we are allowing players who pre-register and put down a non-refundable deposit of only $300. Pre-registration prior to April 9th, 2013 allows for players to only put down a $300 deposit to start Day #1 with the full 40,000 chip stack. Players who want to pre-register after April 9th, must pre-pay the full $2,000 to start Day #1 with 40,000 chips.

We will operate the tournament 8 handed with 8 to 24 entries. 9 handed with 25 or more entries into this event. There will be no “dead stacks” at the tables.


For those players who assist us by pre-registering and either putting down a deposit or pre-paying in full. We will allow for them to pick which seat they would like to start the tournament. It will be on a first registered first served basis. Players will be able to pick their seat, but not the table they will be at. Players will also not know who they would be playing with at the table, or where other players are seated. Once a seat is reserved it will be removed from the list of available seats. We wanted to do this as an incentive to those who pre-register for the event, some players prefer to be in the 1 or 8 seat, and some prefer to be right across from the dealer. As a pre-registered player, you get to decide!

Players who do not opt for pre-registration and or pre-payment and choose to show up and pay after April 19th, at 4pm will start with 30,000 in chips. But do not worry, you can still opt for a at the table optional $75 charitable donation table bonus to get you to a full stack of 40,000. So pre-paying and pre-registering will not only help us figure out the total player participation, but it will save you money.

Unlike other events, our button does not start in the 10 seat. It will be randomly selected the day of the tournament so as to make for a fair start of the tournament.

For those who want to know how the Illinois Charitable Games Act allows for payouts to players who finish in the money for this event.

2K Main Event Structure

So here is how you can pre-register and pre pay for the $2,000 Main Event with your $300 deposit.

Once we receive your form and check we will contact you via telephone and email to let you know it has been received. We will then let you know when your check clears so that your seat is official. If you want to pay for your seat in full at a total of $2,000. You will have the option to sell or transfer your seat if you are unable to attend or play in the event. For those who wish to just put down their non-refundable $300 deposit. The remaining $1,700 balance will be paid in full prior to the start of the tournament on April 20th, 2013, or when the player shows up to participate in the event.

(Click here to download the registration form)


If you have any questions feel free to call Kirk Fallah directly at 708-935-2861. He will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have so that you can be assured of your seat and participation in this amazing tournament!_________

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