Windy City Poker - April 1st & 2nd - Homewood

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Windy City Poker Championship (CG-02844), & Safely Home Canine Rescue (CG-03019) will host charity poker action on Saturday, & Sunday - April 1st & 2nd @ Cherry Creek Plaza Homewood (Register in 18460 Governors Hwy, Homewood)


Cash Game Bad Beat - $3,000/$1,500* -Tournament Bad Beat - $1,500 - Mini Bad Beat Cash Game $1,000 - PLO Bad Beat @ $500 - New Contact Phone # for Windy City Poker is 708-506-2677  

Friday March 31st- NO POKER

SATURDAY April 1st @ Cherry Creek Plaza
$1/$2 cash @ 12p - $50 min to $500 max

12p - $125+$10 opt bonus Deep Stack (Bad Beat Eligible) - 40k chips max -20 min blinds - $70+$10 Re-Buys - $25 Discount for on-time arrival! On-Time Discount when in line by 12:05pm.

630p - $70+$10  opt bonus (Bad Beat Eligible) - 40k chips max after bonus of 10k applied  - 20 min  - 20 min blinds - $40 re-buys - $20 Add-on end of Entry - Bonus Chips for receipt from Cherry Creek Plaza of $10 or spend $5 in Candy/Chips/Pop w WCPC.

SUNDAY April 2nd@ Cherry Creek Plaza  
$1/$2 cash @ 12p - $50 min to $500 max  

12p - $50+$10 opt bonus Uber Stack (Bad Beat Eligible) - 70k chips  max - $30 Re-buys - $15 Add-On 20 min blinds - Bonus Chips for receipt from Cherry Creek Plaza of $10 or spend $5 in Candy/Chips/Pop w WCPC.

630p - $350+$15 Round #2 Qualifier - Approx 1 in 3.5 advance to Round #3 on April 16th. RB/AO/Bonus Receipts.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 708-506-2677

A small % of the entry is held for our free-roll tournament(s) or added tournament seats to the prize pool and or for the bad beat jackpot. See tournament director for full transparent details. All decisions final!

Tournament bad beat @ $1,500 (Quad 2's beat to qualify with both cards in play), cash game Bad Beat for Texas Hold'em poker only is @ $3,000 and requires Quad 2's or better to lose with both cards playing on a regular Texas hold'em single board. Double Board bomb pot Texas Hold'em has different bad beat. Running the regular Texas Hold'em more than once does not have a bad beat for second board. Bad Beat for Cash has ROOM SHARE of $40 per player (for standard single board Texas Hold'em) NOT at the table where the bad beat hits at the discretion of the tournament/event director of who is eligible based on them being on the list or in another game or waiting for a game to open up. Mini Bad Beat @ $1,000 with no room share and split at the table only. PLO Bad Beat @ $500 with no room share. Payout (after any potential room share that applies) split 50% to losing hand, 30% to winning hand, and 20% to remaining players at the table. Payout will be collected the following week as BB jackpot funds are not held at the location. Bomb Pot Texas Hold'em Bad Beat is set at $1,500 with $20 Room share and can apply to both top and bottom boards. Bad beat only applies when two hands are using the same board with both cards in their hand in play. PLO Bad Beat @ $500. Must play same board - no room share.  Payout for Tournament bad beat same breakdown 50/30/20 at the table only after room share of $20 for the tournament players participating at that moment in the tournaments.Payouts will be the following week as well. If the amount as the payout exceeds the $500 in winnings as allowed by the ICGA. The winning player can select the remaining value in a prize of their choosing. Gift Cards suggested. If payout for bad beat is $900 the player will receive $500 in cash and allocate the remainder of the $400 towards prizes/gift cards of their choosing per standard ICGA payouts. Bad Beat not eligible for checked down/run down hands. Pot must have $20 for bad beat to be eligible.  

Promo for cash game when applied during standard Texas holdem hands (not bomb pots/plo or run it twice hands) goes towards, free-rolls for cash players, food bonuses, and for any seat give away when applicable  

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 708-506-2677 for information or to pre-register for any of the events             

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*All rights reserved. All applicable payouts adhere to the Illinois Charitable Games Act for applicable events.