Shaun Deeb Owes Chris Cosenza $50

Do we have a scandal brewing?!

On January 27, 2011 Chicago Poker Club and Windy City Poker Championship cast and crew headed down to Orange Park, FL to the Orange Park Kennel Club, home to the JAX Poker Room, for the 2nd Annual Chad Brown No Limit Texas Hold 'em Championship.

In the coming days and weeks, we'd like to share stories, pictures and videos of the adventure.  In the meantime, I'd like to corroborate a story I heard on the February 3rd Ante Up Poker Podcast, for the purposes of getting a friend $50 (at the expense of another new friend).  ;)

Our good friends Scott Long and Chris Cosenza, from Ante Up Magazine came to the event as spectators, journalists, and hosts of the upcoming television production.  They are also doing some guest hosting on Windy City Poker Championship, so Kirk set them down in front of the camera to record some on-camera introductions, transitions, and so on. 

I'm not saying our buddies at Ante Up are camera shy, but... well... they needed a few minutes to warm up after being away from the critical camera eye for so many months.  After a few failed attempts at landing a drop, Shaun Deeb bet Chris $50 that he wouldn't nail the spot on the next take.  Let my video tell the rest of the story:

{m4v width="528" height="352"}CosenzaLongDeeb-1{/m4v}